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It only takes a little love to create the perfect storm.

The summer before her senior year of college, Hannah Grayson escapes a car accident with an injured shoulder, the horrific memory of her brother’s death, and a phobia of the rain. She dedicates herself to school and work to keep moving forward. But then her life clashes with a moody Scottish student, Ewan, begging her to help save his GPA. She takes pity on him, not realizing that their tutoring arrangement will force her to open her heart… and to face her worst fears.

Ewan MacLachlan focuses on his meteorology degree to keep the past he’d rather forget where it belongs. Meeting rain-a-phobe Hannah shatters his plans for an uneventful final year of college. He finds himself in deep and ignores the feeling that he shouldn’t allow their growing attachment to continue. Not when he’s got so much to lose and they’re both already so broken.

When Ewan’s past and Hannah’s fears finally collide, they risk creating the perfect storm—one that will either help them heal or tear them apart for good.


Falling Like Rain

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“I was completely drawn into this story of love, hope, and redemption about two well-rounded college students fighting against the ghosts of their pasts.”

                                                E. E. Everly, author of The Emrys Chronicles

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