Months before her senior year of college, Hannah Grayson walks away from a car accident with an injured shoulder, the horrific memory of her brother’s death, and a phobia of the rain. She does her best to move forward, but when her life collides with a moody, Scottish student begging her to save his GPA, she takes pity on him, not realizing that their tutoring arrangement will force her to face her worst fears.

   Ewan Mason focuses on his meteorology classes to keep the nightmares of his past mistakes at bay. When he meets Hannah, a girl who's afraid of rain, his whole world is thrown off kilter. He quickly falls for her, but when he discovers how her brother was killed, he realizes they have more to overcome than a love/hate relationship with the weather.

   Ewan’s secret past and Hannah’s great sorrow share a devastating similarity, a truth that will either help them heal or tear each other apart.

Falling Like Rain

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