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Book 1 in the American Homefront series

The War Between Us

Winner of The Historical Novel Society's

Editor's Choice Award

"Sarah Creviston Lee crafts a smart, fast-paced, uncensored, and quite moving story of embattled love and obstacles overcome."

                                                       - Laura Fahey, The Historical Novel Society

Alex Moon is not the enemy.

  Six months after Pearl Harbor's tragedy, Korean American Alex Moon is sent away from his home in California for refusing his father's request to join the fight against the Japanese. On his journey, Alex is attacked and stranded in the small town of River Bluff, Indiana. To everyone else, he looks like the enemy. 

  Unexpectedly, Alex is befriended by a local girl, Lonnie Hamilton, who comes to his defense, saving him from doubt and despair while placing herself in the cross hairs of prejudice. Alex falls in love with his ally---a love that is clearly forbidden. Torn between his dual identities, Korean and American, and grappling with how everyone sees him, Alex must wage the war within himself---of defending who he is, resolving his tortured feelings about the war, and fighting for the woman he loves.


"Writing and publishing The War Between Us has been a phenomenal and humbling experience. It allowed me to put into words all of my love and passion for history, the WWII time period, and the compelling story about a minority group of Americans that has largely gone untold." 

                                                                          ~ Sarah

What others are saying about The War Between Us:

"Lonnie and Alex are perfect renderings of their time, cultures, and upbringings. Anyone familiar with multicultural literature will find a new author to love, and readers new to a beautifully developed look at a culture unlike ours will find a new genre to love." 


 - Julie York, InD'Tale Magazine

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